20 Mil White/White String Reinforced Poly

20 Mil White/White String Reinforced Poly

DURA♦SKRIM® R20WW is designed with outer layers of white high-strength string reinforced polyethylene film. This film is laminated with an additional black layer of molten ethylene. Since the outer layers of the string reinforced poly film contains UV inhibitors, you can expect a comparatively longer outdoor life. In addition to this, the outer white layers reduce the heat build-up and condensation, maintaining a moderate temperature. They also improve the overall dimensional stability. An additional layer of 20 mil reinforced poly is placed between the piles, that improve the tear resistance capability, making it extremely durable. DURA♦SKRIM® R20WWK The string reinforced poly is placed in diagonal patterns to offer excellent tear resistance.

Applications of 20 Mil String Reinforced Poly

● Crawlspace Vapor Barrier
● Crawlspace Encapsulation
● Modular Tank Liners
● Remediation Liners
● Remediation Covers
● Erosion Control Covers
● Vapor Retarders Earthen Liners


DURA♦SKRIM® R20WW is the perfect solution for heavy-duty applications that require exceptional outdoor life along with excellent tear resistance. The string reinforced polyethylene will keep the moisture away and protects your valuable assets, including the crawl space, from undergoing any damage.