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Con-Dri Window Tapes

Con-Dri Window Tapes

Product Description

Con-Dri Flash is a 20 mil self-adhering, self-sealing tape made with rubberized asphalt waterproofing coating, laminated to polyethylene film. The Coating is supplied with an easy to remove film liner.

Con-Dri Stick utilizes a block co-polymer base adhesive to promote superior adhesion to OSB, plywood, aluminum, vinyl, and weather resistive barriers in extreme conditions. It is used almost exclusively for building envelope applications and exceeds all current AAMA 711 standards. Con-Dri Stick does not require the use of a primer.

Con-Dri Window Tapes protect windows and doors from moisture penetration. When properly integrated into the wall system, they will defend against water penetration into the building envelope, which causes costly and unhealthy mold and mildew growth.

• Self-seals around nails, staples, and fasteners
• Waterproofs surfaces underneath
• Adheres to most clean and dry surfaces instantly
• If the building moves slightly, this elastomeric material will stretch and not tear
• Easy and mess free.

Ensure all involved surfaces are clean, dry, and free of oil and moisture. Exercise care during application to prevent air or contaminant entrapment. Con-Dri window tapes features a strong, flexible backing, allowing it to form to fasteners and corners. All rolls also feature a split release liner to facilitate installation.