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Sonotube Round Forms

Sonotube Round Forms

Sonotube Round Forms

Economical engineered column forms

With a paper-making experience of almost a century, Sonoco has managed to re-engineer the Sonotube round cement forms, making it more effective and durable.

It’s no arguing that contractors, across the globe, have relied on Sono tubes for more than half a decade, almost 70 years, for cost-effective column form settings.

After all these years, Sonoco has taken the Sonotube design to the next level with improved strength and durability, even in the wettest conditions. This has resulted in the elimination of unexpected ‘blowouts’, one of the most common modes of failure for round cement forms.

Sonotubes Are Versatile & Economical

Sonotubes are one of the most effective ways to create a diverse range of columns and posts. The concrete columns can be customized as per the construction requirements and can be even cut-to-size at the construction site, allowing you to achieve versatile goals during construction.

Sonotubes-What Are the Benefits of These Round Cement Forms

● Sonotubes are rain-resistant, and therefore, unexpected weather conditions cannot impact the pour.
● The installation process is quite easy.
● Sonotubes have high strength-to-weight properties, which prevents blowouts and other major accidents.
● It is quite easier to cut and drill sonotubes at the job site, eventually leading to versatile construction possibilities.
● With sonotubes, you can set and pour multiple columns at one time.

What are the Applications of Sonotubes

● Build columns for residential, commercial, and other properties.
● Build columns for outdoor signs, street-light poles, and other similar structures.
● Can be used to build round steps within the property.
● Perfect Solution to Craft Props for movies and Theatre Acts
● Can also be used for several other concrete column applications



Sonotube® Round Concrete Forms Size Chart