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  • Product Information

    The proprietary outside ply of the Sonotube Commercial forms makes them perfect for distributors, concrete sub-contractors and general contractors with demanding commercial grade applications, and delivers a more functional, versatile and economical alternative to steel and fiberglass forms. They offer improved strength and tear resistance. Sonotube Commercial forms can also withstand full liquid head pressures up to 20 feet.
  • Sonotube Round Forms

    Economical engineered column forms

    With a paper-making experience of almost a century, Sonoco has managed to re-engineer the Sonotube round cement forms, making it more effective and durable. It’s no arguing that contractors, across the globe, have relied on Sono tubes for more than half a decade, almost 70 years, for cost-effective column form settings. After all these years, Sonoco has taken the Sonotube design to the next level with improved strength and durability, even in the wettest conditions. This has resulted in the elimination of unexpected ‘blowouts’, one of the most common modes of failure for round cement forms.

    Sonotubes Are Versatile & Economical

    Sonotubes are one of the most effective ways to create a diverse range of columns and posts. The concrete columns can be customized as per the construction requirements and can be even cut-to-size at the construction site, allowing you to achieve versatile goals during construction.

    Sonotubes-What Are the Benefits of These Round Cement Forms

    ● Sonotubes are rain-resistant, and therefore, unexpected weather conditions cannot impact the pour. ● The installation process is quite easy. ● Sonotubes have high strength-to-weight properties, which prevents blowouts and other major accidents. ● It is quite easier to cut and drill sonotubes at the job site, eventually leading to versatile construction possibilities. ● With sonotubes, you can set and pour multiple columns at one time.

    What are the Applications of Sonotubes

    ● Build columns for residential, commercial, and other properties. ● Build columns for outdoor signs, street-light poles, and other similar structures. ● Can be used to build round steps within the property. ● Perfect Solution to Craft Props for movies and Theatre Acts ● Can also be used for several other concrete column applications



    Sonotube® Round Concrete Forms Size Chart


  • Con-Dri Debris Netting

    Con-Dri’s Safety netting is among the top debris nettings in the market. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material ensures high durability and can easily match the heavy-duty demands of a construction site. The reinforced edges on the construction debris netting make it easier to install and remove the netting without any issues. From protecting the nearby buildings to keeping the workers safe from falling debris, our safety netting will provide the essential safety measures to the construction site. The varied size mesh options will allow you to pick the most suitable construction debris netting for your construction site. Install debris netting today and add the essential safety factor to the entire construction site.

    Features of Con-Dri’s Debris Netting

    ● Reinforced Edges Offer Quick Installation ● Keep the Workers and Pedestrian Safe from Falling Debris ● Flame Retardant (FR) property of the netting don’t cause any unexpected fire accidents ● UV Treated polyethylene acts as a shade block while allowing essential light to seep in.
  • Stego Wrap Tape

    Stego Tape is among the top products designed by Stego Industries. The Stego wrap tape is basically low permeance tape that is the best solution for waterproofing, sealing, and patching applications. The tape is designed from polyethylene film and also has an acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive. As a result, the tape sticks to every surface flawlessly.

    Physical Properties of Stego Wrap Tape

    ● Dimensions: 3.75″ x 180′ ● 6 mil Thickness ● 17 lb/in Tensile Strength ● 1060% Elongation (at break) MD ● Exceptional UV Resistance

  • Fiber Expansion Joint

    FIBERFLEX Fiber Expansion Joint Filler is the best product for an extensive range of residential and commercial applications. From airport runways to interstate highways, from parking garages to driveways, installing a fiber expansion joint prevents or at least minimizes the damage done to the concrete during expansion. The FiberFlex fiber expansion joint is a blend of treated wood fibers and additives, which generates flexible, durable, and easy-to-handle boards. FiberFlex fiber expansion joint is lighter yet stronger than several other joint filler compounds and can be used for an array of construction applications. On top of all the mentioned features, FiberFlex offers high tear-resistance, allowing you to use it in heavy-duty applications. The FiberFlex fiber expansion joint cuts cleanly and even held easily during pouring.
    Support Documents:
    Spec Sheet Safety Data Sheet FiberFlex Flyer
  • Product Information

    REFLEX®  is a rubber expansion joint filler that is the first of its kind. This petroleum free product is environmentally friendly, top of the line in quality, and made here in the U.S.A. REFLEX® is made from 100% recycled rubber. The majority of this rubber comes from old tires that you see littering the shoulders of highways and overflowing landfills. When using REFLEX® in the construction of just one single family residence, builders are able to consume the equivalent of 8.3 passenger car tires. So when planning your next project, “Go Green” and choose REFLEX®.
  • Curb Expansion Joint Filler

    Minimize concrete cracking with our top-quality expansion joint filler that is specifically designed for long-term applications. Our expansion joint fillers are designed from Fiber Flex material that assures longevity. The fiber expansion joints contain cellular fibers that are closely accumulated together under heat and pressure to offer sturdiness, versatility, and high flexibility. Since the material is extremely flexible, our expansion joint filler can be custom cut to meet specific construction requirements. At Con-Dri, you can find a wide range of curb expansion joint fillers that are available in varied sizes. You can pick the right size, as per your requirement, and fit it around the specific curbs or gutters.
  • Safety Barrier Fence

    Con-Dri’s Barrier Fence is an economical, UV treated, high visibility warning fence made of high density polyethylene. Barrier Fence can be installed on wooden stakes, metal rods, traffic cones, or other support structures. The oriented grid design of Con-Dri’s Barrier Fence makes it one of the lightest, yet strongest products offered in the market today. Barrier Fence can be used in many applications, including construction warning barricade, crowd control, and temporary construction safety fencing to name a few. Barrier Fence is offered in and orange, 4’ x 100’, 7 lb roll.

    Benefits of Safety Barrier Fence

    ● Perfect for DIY as well as Professional Use ● Has High Visibility ● UV protected mesh design ensures high durability ● Offers Easy Installation

  • Product Overview

    DRI-SCRIM is produced using a heavy duty 2.5 x 2.5 scrim with double string reinforcement, which significantly increases tear reisitance and useful life. DRI-SCRIM is coated with virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE), making it durable enough to withstand the elements while in use. Given the lightweight, highly tear reisistant nature of DRI-SCRIM, it is the perferred product for many applications, including building enclosures, scaffold wrap, abatement, temporary walls, temporary liners, and general jobsite enclosure/containment.

    Stock sizes are availabile in 6 mil thickness in both non-FR and FR. DRI-SCRIM FR meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2 and Boston Fire Marshall BFD IX-1.

  • Product Information

    VAPORBLOCK® Series (VB15) VAPORBLOCK® Series consist of high-performance underslab vapor barriers designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs. This product is made from state-of-the-art polyethylene resins that provide superior physical and performance properties that far exceed ASTM E-1745 (Plastic Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs) Class A, B and C requirements. High tensile strength, unequaled puncture resistance, ultra-low moisture vapor permeability as well as resistance to decay make VaporBlock one of the most effective underslab vapor barriers on the market today! Available in 6, 10 and 15 mil thicknesses to best meet required performance specifications.
  • Vapor Block Plus

    VaporBlock plus 20 series is specifically designed to fulfill heavy-duty applications. The vapor barrier block contains seven-layered barriers that are designed from the best-in-class polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol resins to offer excellent strength and sturdiness. Apart from this, the vaporblock plus 20 also offers exceptional moisture and gas resistance, preventing vapors and other soil gases to seep in and damage the surface. VaporBlock plus is one of the best underslab vapor barriers that restrict several natural gases, such as Methane and Radon, from entering the concrete slab. As a result, the overall lifetime of the concrete slabs increases. VaporBlock plus is far efficient than other polyethylene barriers and offers 100x better permeability. If you are looking for a superior quality vapor barrier, VaporBlock plus 20 is the perfect product to meet your expectations. Apart from being extremely durable, the vapor barrier can also be used in diverse applications, be it performing crawl space encapsulation or water-proofing the exterior walls of your home. Moreover, VaporBlock plus also offers easy installation and you can even install it on your own.
  • Stego Wrap (10-Mil)

    Stego Wrap 10 mil is one of the best under-slab vapor barriers that can be used for several waterproofing applications. The vapor barrier is designed with high-quality, virgin, polyolefin resins, and has a multi-layer plastic extrusion. In addition to restricting the moisture from seeping in, the Sego wrap 10 mil also acts as a barrier for several soil gases including methane and radon. With excellent puncture resistance, Stego wrap 10 mil can be used to offer superior protection against moisture. Install Stego wrap vapor barrier and keep the moisture away from the surface in every weather condition.